Key Features:
Yurogen Biosystems is now offering a range of histology services for clinical pathology and research. Tissues and cells can be provided by the customer. Yurogen can also provide a large variety of tissue types of many species for histology work requested by customers. Our laboratory is a fully-equipped histology facility which is staffed by ASCP certified trained professional histologists with many years of experience. Our goal is to provide high quality, reliable histology services with affordable competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.
IHC Services

Necropsy & Gross Dissection: Send us your fixed animal samples, and our pathologist will provide organ gross dissection and cassetting services.

Paraffin Processing and Embedding: With our automated tissue processors, we can accept tissues in cassettes or ones that need to be cassetted. After processing, tissues will be embedded in fresh high quality paraffin.

Cryogenic Processing and Embedding: Send us your fresh tissues (rush) to be processed in an isopentane, liquid nitrogen slurry. Once processed, we embed the mixture in OCT, prior to cutting on the cryostat. Pre-embedded OCT tissues delivered on dry ice are also accepted for cryostat sectioning.

Sectioning: We provide both paraffin and cryostat sectioning on every type of tissue: mammal, amphibian, reptile, avian, etc.

Plastics Embedding: After the samples are appropriately fixed (if necessary), they will be processed and embedded in GMA or MMA epoxy for sectioning, staining and microscopy.

Regular Staining: We are offering routine (H&E) and/or special staining for tissue slides from customers. All our stains are performed in house and have been modified for optimal tissue viewing characteristics. Please see our special stains list for your desired target tissues. We also can do any stain followed by SOP provided by customers.

Antibody staining: We can provide Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) antibodies staining service with our pre-tested antibodies or using the antibodies customer provide. We have well-established working protocol for our pre-tested antibodies. We also can perform discovery services for customers to find out the best protocol for your antibodies. Please call us for more information.

Tissue Micro Array (TMA):Both paraffin and fresh tissue services are available for making TMA blocks from your existing tissues. We use a new system for making TMA blocks that is less time-consuming and is more effective. This allows us to charge less and offer faster turnaround times.

Material Requirement:
1.10 mg of peptide (purity>95%, length >12 amino acids, carrier protein should be conjugated for increasing immunogenicity of peptide) or 5 mg of soluble protein with or without tags (concentration>0.5 mg/mL, purity>90%, molecular weight>20 kDa) for immunization.
2.Additional 5 mg peptide or soluble protein (without carrier protein or tags) for subsequent experiments.
3.Details of the peptide or protein should be addressed in the accessory.
Note: If the tag of immunized soluble protein cannot be eliminated, it should be replaced by other tags in order to avoid the enrichment of the tag-specific phage particles.
Choose up to five clones. Deliverables for each clone include:
1.Full length of selected nanobody genes in non-proprietary plasmid;
2.The gene sequences of selected nanobodies.
3.About 100 μg purified nanobodies for each candidate.
4.Final report.