Key Features:
1.A dedicated farm with no less than 20 healthy camelids of immunization age.
2. A well-established platform for phage display, nanobody identification and expression, and specificity assay.
3. Self-developed key technology & experienced scientists for nanobody expression and modification.
4. Nanobody High Throughput Screening (NHTS) system and Bioinformatic Analysis System.
5. Extensive expertise in therapeutic nanobody development.
Camelid Nanobody Development Services

Material Requirement:
1.10 mg of peptide (purity>95%, length >12 amino acids, carrier protein should be conjugated for increasing immunogenicity of peptide) or 5 mg of soluble protein with or without tags (concentration>0.5 mg/mL, purity>90%, molecular weight>20 kDa) for immunization.
2.Additional 5 mg peptide or soluble protein (without carrier protein or tags) for subsequent experiments.
3.Details of the peptide or protein should be addressed in the accessory.
Note: If the tag of immunized soluble protein cannot be eliminated, it should be replaced by other tags in order to avoid the enrichment of the tag-specific phage particles.
Choose up to five clones. Deliverables for each clone include:
1.Full length of selected nanobody genes in non-proprietary plasmid;
2.The gene sequences of selected nanobodies.
3.About 100 μg purified nanobodies for each candidate.
4.Final report.