Yurogen merges with ABclonal

Today, Yurogen is excited to announce that we merged with ABclonal Science Inc (ABclonal), a rising provider of reagents and services in the global life sciences market. Since 2011, ABclonal has quality products of antibodies, recombinant proteins, molecular biology, enzymes in provided molecular biology, next generation sequencing preparation kits, and high sensitivity ELISA kits. ABclonal has established a global marketing and sales network covering more than 50 countries, generating annual sales of $40 million.

After merge, Yurogen will keep its brand and continue operating in the CRO space as a subsidiary company fully owned by ABclonal. Yurogen’s former CEO Dr. Yang Lou will continue leading Yurogen as general manager. Dr. Yang Lou will also become the global head of the entire CRO Division of ABclonal.

We envision the merge will strengthen Yurogen’s mAb discovery capability, capacity, and market penetration. Revolving around our core business of custom monoclonal antibody discovery using single B cell based SMabTM platform, Yurogen will integrate all CRO services including protein production and polyclonal antibody offered by ABclonal. We believe this integration will further strengthen our service capability and capacity in antigen design and expression, monoclonal antibody screening, antibody engineering and humanization. Yurogen will also consolidate the CRO sales network and tech support teams from both companies to enhance our marketing and technical support for broader client bases. With capital investment of $15 million from ABclonal, Yurogen expects to upgrade our facilities, double our annual capacity of mAb discovery, and expand the categories of our CRO service in 2021. 

About ABclonal Biotechnology

Founded in 2011, ABclonal Biotechnology is a global life science tools and services provider based in Wuhan, China. The company aims to be an one-stop solution for reagent needs among biomedical researchers, in vitro diagnostic companies, and technology innovation companies. Since the beginning, ABclonal focused on optimizing its antibody and protein production platforms by introducing advanced development technologies. For more information, visit ABclonal.com.cn.

About Yurogen Biosystems

Yurogen is a contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to monoclonal antibody discovery in biopharma and biotech sectors since its founding in 2014. The company has developed a proprietary SMabTM technology, a single-B-cell-based monoclonal antibody discovery technology from a variety of hosts including rabbit, llama, swine, and human. SMabTM technology enables efficient discovery of monoclonal antibodies of high affinity and strong specificity with broad diversity in tight schedules. The antibodies have been widely used for therapeutic leads, diagnosis, preclinical studies, and clinical trials. Since the offering of CRO services in 2016, Yurogen delivered more than 600 projects globally with 98% success rate to over 80 different industrial clients from biopharma and biotech sectors.